E P (ayamemishi) wrote in little_details,

Dancing & 'Valet'

Alright, so first things first: I've started a story wherein the major character is taking a beginner's dance class. I am, however, relatively unfamilar with dancing, and I need a few ideas of dances that one could do with a partner that aren't extremely complicated. Also, is a waltz a good idea for a beginner's class? As I recall, the version I learned was very easy.

My second question has to do with valets. No, not the parking kind. I mean the ones who are similar to butlers, but they serve a specific person instead of a family. My question is if there is a female equivilent to a valet, and if so, what are they called? Are they also called valets, and were they only used in certain time-periods? My setting is a pseudo-England, similar to the early 1800's, if that helps at all.

ETA: While all the dancing things about the 1800's are very interesting(and possibly useful to me later on), the two questions are refering to different periods. The first one to a modern setting, the second to my psuedo-England.
Tags: ~arts: ballet, ~servants/slaves

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