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Chicago architecture

I'm working on a radio script at the moment, a sort of futuristic detective story. I'm looking for some help on Chicago, since my private eye happens to live there, and I have never been. My main question is, what sort of materials are most of the buildings there made of, espescially in the more run-down parts of the city? When I originally wrote this as a novel, I didn't specify where it was taking place, and from that I get the following passage:

The Dive was in the half of town that had mostly survived the great wars of the 21st century. From above the effect was stunning -- you could practic draw a line where the shimmering domes and sleek steel towers gave way to old tar-roofed brick buildings.

I want to preserve that for the most part in my narration, but I want to get my architecture right. Any Chicagoites able to help me out?
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