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how swords are worn and problems therein

I write fantasy. My characters carry swords. I, however, do not habitually carry a sword. I suppose this question is going out primarily to any SCA members or reinactors or anyone who just really likes swords. I've been going off of medieval re-enactment stores, and I should probably go to faire this year and see if anyone will let me try some on. But I doubt they'll let me run around or do anything fun in them, and I don't really feel like buying expensive yet useless (to me) equipment.

1. Are there any good books or websites for figuring out what the pros and cons of certain styles of sword and belts/baldrics/carrying mechanisms? Less historical accuracy than what's actually effective and convenient, unless it involves plastics or similar high-falutin' technowizardry. Big, huge plus for a book that would explain the basics on how to make the sword-carrying parts, although I could probably fake it off any leatherworking information I can find.

2. What problems have you ever experienced with sword-carrying? What happens if your gear is ill-fitting? (Father's gear on a grown lad, for example.) Does a sword on the hip bash you about the legs if you try to run? How about if you're just walking about? For weeks on end? Riding? Specify how big/heavy your sword is and how you were wearing it at the time, if you could!

3. In particular styles of sword-wearing, where is the sword actually putting weight? Where is it in relation to the hip bone? I found this for rapiers but not for anything else, and my characters are not the rapier-carrying type. I'm having a hard time just describing it properly for a young character who is facinated by the the older men's swords.
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