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Baptism of babies in 1880's?

Bit of a lurker, but I've never had the need to post a question. Until now.

The story I'm doing right now takes place in the mid-1880s in the American west (a small Californian town). A baby is baptized in a church. Now, my question is, what would a baptism ceremony look like for a nondenominational Christian church service in that time period? (The research I've attempted in this area has been extremely unhelpful for my needs.) My own personal experience in this area is a bit skewed since I attended Catholic churches growing up, and I suspect that a nondenom Christian church may have a different set of rituals, etc, to it. (Like, I know Godparents are selected at this point in Catholicism, but would this be true in a non-Catholic religion/ceremony?)

Anyone have knowledge of this or sources that could help me out? Thanks!!
Tags: 1880-1889, usa: california, ~religion: christianity (misc)

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