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Perceptions of Mormonism

So, I've never posted here before, but a friend directed me here when I explained a problem I'm having with a new story I want to write. The story is about a kid in going to school in a semi-rural Utah town and discovering himself and struggling with his religious beliefs. Kind of cliched I know, but when inspiration strikes, what is a girl to do?

I've found plenty of information on people who leave the LDS church, even some with very similar stories to that of my main character, I have also talked to people who have come up with this same issue, some who have made the decision to stay in the church and some who have decided to leave the church. But any additional first hand information about this would be welcome.

My question has to do with outsiders views of Mormonism. I know how non-mormons in the state of Utah view it, I am one. But I was wondering what people who don't really know what Mormonism is think of it. I tried searching, but the only thing I can come up with is truth about Mormonism sites, which is really the opposite of what I am looking for.

For example, somebody once asked me if people in Utah could get electricity, thinking that Mormons are like the Amish and shun technology. I know polygamy is in the news right now, do people think all Mormons practice it? I would imagine people would confuse Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses, is that true? What are the myths and rumors about Mormonism? I know it's not like a popular topic of conversation or anything but I'm kind of hoping there is something out there for this kid to face.

Thank you for any information you might have.
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