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Free Speech is not simply an Idea.

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Avalanche starting

This is more confirmation than anything.

I'm trying to start an avalanche.

I have two hikers --and one wolf-- on a mountain side, walking over what has been called "unstable snow". There have been avalanches in the area in the past. Now, what I'm planning on doing, is sending the character that has to die across this patch of snow (he's rather thick and after the wolf refuses to cross, he goes anyways).

The snow is heavy, and it's bitter cold. The wind flowing down the mountain has dusted the top layer of snow over a crack in the snow crust. Would it be feasible for this man to walk across this crust, near the crack, and start an avalanche, hence getting buried in it? I can have him stumble if I need to.

I just want to bury him in an avalanche so that he shuts up.
Tags: ~climate/weather

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