TF (tortillafactory) wrote in little_details,

Wine: "blood of the virgin"?

I was watching, believe it or not, Mystery Science Theater (The Devil Doll), when something came up that I was instantly curious about. The creepy ventriloquist served a wine he called "blood of the/a virgin" in some Romance language - it sounded like Italian. Something like "sanguine" was definitely involved. The problem is, I have no idea how to spell it, and google "wine blood virgin" hasn't gotten me anywhere. So:

1) Does anyone know if such a wine really exists? (The ventriloquist describes it as being "very sweet.") Is it a name of an actual wine, or a generic term?

2) More importantly, what language is it, and how is it spelled?

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Tags: ~folklore (misc), ~food and drink (misc)

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