Tarsius syrichta (koboldmaki) wrote in little_details,
Tarsius syrichta

Juggling and Knife Throwing, Medieval-ish Setting

I have searched the web and found some fantastic sites on the general subject of juggling and knife throwing, but I also have some rather specific questions that hopefully someone here can answer.

a) Is the following scenario at all possible: Someone (very gifted at juggling, and with a lot of experience) juggles random objects, among them an apple, sitting at a table in front of a wooden wall. Another person (just as experienced and gifted) throws a knife that goes through the apple and pins it into the wall. (I have seen Geena Davis do a similar thing with a tomato in a very stupid movie, but that's hardly a reliable source, and she threw the tomato herself..)

b) Would medieval knives be balanced enough for throwing? I keep reading that they need to be balanced very well and am not sure about the mechanical skills required (I'm probably discriminating medieval armourers, though.) Was knife-throwing at all usual as a form of medieval entertainment? (People watching a "professional" thrower, not people passing their time throwing knives...)I know it is now on many medieval fairs, but again, not a very reliable source.

Thank you very much in advance!
Tags: ~weapons (misc)

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