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Ambiguous deity

I need a god (or possibly goddess, though a god would be preferred. Even a demigod or the like would probably do). He needs to be a figure that, within his own mythos, is viewed as sometimes good, and sometimes evil, preferably about evenly so. It would help greatly if he is traditionally associated with demons, angels, or some other at least vaguely humanoid helpers/spirits/etc. (and the helpers cannot be all female). Extra special bonus if he or his helpers are in some way positively associated with rats (ie rats are a totem/token/symbol/sacred animal).

If anyone can point me at a likely name or names, I can research specifics from there, though if you also wanted to tell me any details about your choice, I won't exactly say no...

Situation, if you care, is that Our Heroine's little brother and his friends are playing at "dark magic" and accidentally summon something that's at least close enough to human-male for, ah, docking manevers with Our Heroine.

Don't know if I'll actually manage to *use* this or not, but...
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