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1930's/40's Canadian elite

I'm looking for some verbal shorthand that would have been around in the 1930's and 1940's that I can drop into a conversation to show that this particular Canadian is from a good family, wealthy & well-educated, etc. He's a man aged 25-35, if that makes a difference, and the piece I'm writing is set in New York in 1946.

1. What were the elite called? Were there particular words used to describe a rich Canadian? If the character was American, I'd mention the Mayflower; if they were English, I'd give them a title; is there anything similar that shows that someone is a member of the Canadian elite?

2. Where would they live? The really nice towns or suburbs in Canada, where all you have to do is say you live there, and people know that you're not just rich, but classy too. Preferably places that the international jetset would also have heard of, since the story is actually set in Europe & the USA.

3. Which schools or universities would they attend? In the UK, it's 'Old Etonians' or 'Oxbridge graduates', and in the US, you'd mention Harvard or Yale, but I need the Canadian equivalent at the time. Unless a rich Canadian would have gone to Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, or Yale instead of a Canadian university back then?

Thanks for the help! *g*
Tags: 1930-1939, 1940-1949, canada: education, canada: history

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