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Old Contracts in Big Companies

I'm not even sure where to start with this one, so hopefully it'll make some sense.

The story I'm writing has Character A (very large business owner) and Character B stuck together via contract in a sort of business arrangement; I've got that part worked out -- kicks ass to have a lawyer's kid around the house -- but on the side there's a sort of bookkeeper within the company that's on Character B's side, trying to help him get out of the contract. The idea is that she uses the excuse of organizing and removing the old contracts to get her hands on the original copy of the contract in the plot. So, here's the question:

Is there any stardard way that big companies keep contracts organized, or is it unique to each business? (If this is the case, it'll make the whole ordeal much simpler. ^^;) If so, are the old contracts and new contracts kept seperate, or together? Also, do companies keep old contracts, or would they have them shredded as they became obsolete? The whole thing doesn't have to be entirely accurate (it's fanfiction, so I imagine my audience isn't exactly full of savvy business types ^^;), but I'd like to bring it as close as I can.

I'm sorry if this is bad question; I wasn't even sure where to start with google; nothing looked pertinent. ^^;
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