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Little kid insults in Chinese

*g* This may be a longshot, but who knows?

In a story I'm working on, one character is a little Chinese kid of about nine or ten who has just moved out of China. He's pretty street, and has befriended an equally delinquent little kid. They don't speak each other's language yet, but they're going to do what little kids do best and learn. Since most of this is random flashback, I'm OK with the occasional Mandarin I'm using for when they're first trying to communicate, but I've just discovered that I'm stumped trying to figure out what kind of insults a little kid would use. In English, a kid would say something like "You stupid" and "I know you are but what am I?" and "doodyhead" and somesuch. But the only Chinese insults I know are, aside from 白痴 (baichi, "idiot"), shall we say, not exactly age appropriate. >XD What are some things the kid would be likely to say?

Thanks for any help!
Tags: ~languages: (misc): slang slurs & curses, ~languages: chinese

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