a heartful of you (aheartfulofyou) wrote in little_details,
a heartful of you

Drugs in Vietnam/late-60s

I have two related questions... two of the characters in my novel were both around 19 or 20 during the Vietnam War, and both did drugs. The setting's probably around 1969, I believe.

How would 1) a soldier in the middle of Vietnam go about buying/using heroin? Where could he buy it in between fighting? For how much? Would he use it in front of the other soldiers, or in privacy (if so where)?

And, then, 2) what would the situations be for a die-hard, school-dropout Vietnam protestor who used LSD and marijuana? How would she get her hands on some, and for how much? What would the conditions be when she'd use it?

Thanks for the help!
Tags: 1960-1969, usa: history (misc), vietnam: history, ~recreational drugs

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