Kaida Stormshadow (dawnsio_llwynog) wrote in little_details,
Kaida Stormshadow

On Sturdy Cars...

So, I know nothing about cars, except that I think most antique ones are beautiful. :-P

Background: My characters are driving down a country road that's very closed in by trees, and it's the middle of the night. They've just passed a car coming the opposite way, so they've got their dims on, and they're going about 40 miles an hour. All of a sudden a seven foot tall, 350 pound weretiger comes bounding out of the trees at the edge of their lights. (So maybe 30 feet in front? I dunno how far ahead the illumination from headlights on the dim setting would extend.) They slam on the brakes, but the weretiger freezes rather than keep running, so they hit it full on, flipping it over their hood--and maybe over the roof, I'm not sure.

Questions: What kind of car(s), if any, available in the U.S.--modern or not--would be able to take that kind of a hit and still be in driveable condition? How much damage would a hit like that cause to said vehicle, and what internal problems would be immediately noticable (rattling engine, etc)?

And no, a Mack truck isn't an option. ^.^

As always, many thanks in advance to those who can help.

ETA: I can change the details of the collision, if this scenerio is totally unfeasable. It's not chipped out in stone or anything, nor do I have my heart set on it happening exactly the way I described the set-up. So if there's no way in Hell this could happen, any and all suggestions as to how my characters could run down a weretiger but still drive away will be greatly appreciated.
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