Jane Bluestocking (j_bluestocking) wrote in little_details,
Jane Bluestocking

blood typing a cadaver (unofficially)

My character finds a dead body (female, strangled). He's not a medical examiner or a cop, and he knows perfectly well that he's not supposed to touch it -- but time is short, and I'd like him to do something quick and shady to get a sample from the body to pass to his friend at a lab. My first thought was that he scratches the corpse with a pin and soaks up some blood with a tissue or something; but the body's been dead a while. (Weeks, probably.) The heart hasn't been pumping blood for a long time.

He has no special equipment. His time with the body is limited. What's his best option for getting something he can use for a blood type?

I should add that he also knows that a competent medical examiner will be aware that the scratch (or whatever he does) was done long after death, and he might get into trouble for this. If there's a more subtle or less invasive way to do what he needs to do, he'd prefer that. But he'll take what he can get.
Tags: ~forensics: corpses

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