Jane Bluestocking (j_bluestocking) wrote in little_details,
Jane Bluestocking

seeking a cool, interesting, or eccentric fact about dance

One of my characters is very widely read and has a head full of all sorts of trivia that he can pull out at a moment's notice. He's talking with a woman who's practicing dance (possibly ballroom dance -- I haven't decided, but this is a woman with two left feet, who's got a chart down on the floor that she's trying to follow; she's deliberately taking some sort of dance lessons to overcome her natural awkwardness). I want my character to be able to toss out some obscure, cool fact about dance -- like, "Did you know that in the 1800s, women would signal their availability on the dance floor by using fans?" (Yes, I made that up.) All I've got at the moment is the fact that the waltz was considered scandalous when it was first introduced, which I may fall back on, but I'm hoping someone's got something better. Whatever he mentions can be historical, cultural -- pretty much anything that's amusing, odd, or unexpected.
Tags: ~arts: ballet

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