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Psychology - Diagnosis or diagnostic name

Possibly icky

Well ... I'm looking for the official, diagnosis for a mental disorder I read about several months ago in our local newspaper. It was described as a disorder where people felt very strongly that a limb of their did not belong to them or was not supposed to be on their body. The folks talked about the fact that they always saw themselves as missing a limb (arm or leg, usually) and that even though their actual limb was perfectly healthy it wasn't 'right' or 'theirs' or 'normal' for their own view of themselves. Some of these people were so disturbed by the body part they felt they shouldn't have that they would try to go to the doctors to have it amputated; often, since the limb was perfectly healthy and they could use it, the docs would refuse. After that, some of those folks would attempt to self-amputate.

I know that gender dysphoria is the 'official' name for the way that transsexualism is defined as a mental illness and I was wondering if any psych students or professionals know what/if the name for this 'I have always seen myself as an amputee' disorder might be.

ET: Apotemnophilia, or body integrity identity disorder. Thanks, everybody!
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