Talia (threeletter) wrote in little_details,

information within the FBI + shameless plug

Writing an X-Files fanfic, and have an FBI related question.

In the Pilot episode (for those who don't remember) Agent Scully is assigned to keep an eye on Agent Mulder. Presumably he knew this was going to happen, as he tells her things about herself when they meet for the first time, like her qualifications and what her thesis was on etc. My question is, how would "they" tell him he would be assigned a partner, how far in advance, and how would he find out that kind of stuff about her? Had a bit of a Google, but to be honest I didn't know what to look for.

(permission granted to do this by mod) I've just set up a similar community to this, specifically for X-Files fanfic writers, which is in desperate need of members. Would be great to get it off the ground. xf_fanfic_forum
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement: fbi

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