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I am totally blocked in the chapter I am currently revising of a historical novel set in Late Antiquity. The chapter is set in a large city in Gaul where there are a lot of students (historically accurate so far as it goes; I know the university came to an end sometime around the 5th cnetury but not exactly when). There are growing tensions between students and locals, partly the normal student/town thing one always gets, partly religious conflict (locals are so old-fashioned Christian that they view the Chi-Rho with suspicion - authentic fact; while most of the students etc are Christian, some are Neoplatonists).

It culminates in an arson attack on the building where the mathematicians are studying, but I want a build up of violence. So far there';s been a lot of name calling and throwing of various items; I need to fill in the gaps.

Any suggestions, either direct or where I could look?
Tags: history (misc)
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