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Japanese honorifics in school, this isn't for anything specific that I'm working on, but rather just general information that may become something else, but I'm not sure...


So we have Jane Smith and John Doe. They are high school students in Japan. Jane is a first or second-year student and John is a third year student. They've known each other for a year or two, and while they aren't close, close friends, they're past the calling-each-other-by-their last-name stage, but not close enough to call each other just 'Jane' and 'John.'

So, I know that the term for upperclassman is 'sempai (though I think I may have also seen it as 'senpai,' but my handy copy of Trigun #1 says sempai, so any thoughts on that matter...?),' but what would they call each other? Would Jane call John John-sempai? Or just John-san? Or simply Sempai? And what in the world would John call Jane?

Just some basic info on how upperclassmen and underclassmen who are friends would address each other.


nebulia out.
Tags: japan: education, ~languages: japanese

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