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UK industrial-era music, marching bands, folk songs

I've been watching this community for a while (it's fantastic and so interesting!) but have never asked a question.

I'm researching the music of the UK's industrial era (late 18th-early 19th Century, but could go later). I've googled and wikied, and I can find plenty of information and lyrics about the music, but nowhere can I find downloads. iTunes music store - which would be perfect for hearing the snippets I'd like to hear - is really hard to search on as you have to search by artist or band (not so relevant for these kinds of recordings). Plus, I have NO TIME! Due to the nature of what I'm writing, I really would like to *hear* the music rather than just note down the words/styles.

So, here are my horribly vague questions:
1) Folk songs from the industrial era, about the industrial era. Pro-industry, or luddite type campaign songs. Can anyone name artists recording this kind of thing? Anything with a strident, marching-type rhythm (something people might work to) would be great.

2) Band music contemporaneous to and written about the UK's industrial era. The first thing that springs to mind is mining of course, and I can find plenty of this, but it's knowing how it relates to the actual era that's interesting to me. Is there band music that was written 'about' or 'for' certain industries or groups? Again, names of bands or titles of works that can be found recorded, would be fantastic. I can find band music but it tends to stop at the Floral Dance, or something...

any other informative snippets would be great. If this turns out to be just too vague, please say so and I'll either attempt to clarify, or delete.

Thanks for your time.
Tags: 1700s (no decades given), 1800s (no decades given), uk: history (misc), ~music

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