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All right, so I spent about two days or so looking all over the Internet. Then on my public library website, as well as Amazon. I can't find anything on what I'm looking for. I might be looking up the wrong things but you know.

In the thing I'm writing, it's about 1577, during the Elizabethan era in England. There's a family of nobles. I'm not entirely sure what title or whatever the father has, I haven't gotten there yet. But he is going to disown/disinheirit his oldest son (seventeen) and child, his heir. Main reason is because the son isn't the most sanest person on the block and he can get rather dangerous. There's another son, a year younger, who would take everything up after the oldest is kicked out.  

Anyway, can anybody tell me how disowning a child would go like? I don't know if there's any specific kind of thing you have to follow, especially back then. Or if you could just kick the kid out and call it a day? In what I've already written, they give him a night and he runs away during it. I'm not sure if that's anywhere near correct. I'd like to be as close to right as is possible. And then what about after he's gone? 

But yes. Thanks for any information you can give me.
Tags: 1500-1599, ~inheritance

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