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Short time reader, first-time poster..

Hi! I'd just like to say, this is a fantastic community, and I consider myself lucky to have come across it. Looking at some past entries, you all seem to be a remarkably helpful lot, and I anticipate making good use of this place for some time to come, since I've got an annoying habit of being a perfectionist myself.

1. Is it actually possible for someone to be frozen and later revived? (not 1,000 years later or anything, maybe just an hour or two)

2. How do gas grenades release the gas? Is it in an explosion, or like an aerosol can? Reason I'm asking is: could someone hold one while it is releasing the gas without being harmed? (assuming he was wearing a gas mask, or was otherwise immume to the chemical effects of the gas itself)

2a. Is there actually such a thing as 'knockout gas'? What's it called, besides that?

3. How does one become a professional hitman? Are there special schools for this, or what?

4. One of my characters (a kid, about 13 or 14) gets shot in the head with a sniper rifle. While this in and of itself is unfortunate, it it made better by the fact that his skull is made of metal, and no blood is spilt. My question is this: would the force of the bullet be enough to knock him over, or just knock his head forward, or would it be barely noticable, or...?

5. What products would be needed to turn someone's hair from black to light blue? Assume an unlimited budget with which to do this, but I'd appreciate some idea of what would need to be used, and how much (not precise measurements, but would this character be buying it by the teaspoon or gallon?)

6. Reading from an earlier posting, I have discovered how to not have a car explode. I now ask the opposite - in what kind of crash would a car be likely to make a large and dramatic explosion?
Tags: ~assassins & hitmen, ~explosive & explosions, ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds, ~science (misc), ~weapons: firearms
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