Becca Stareyes (beccastareyes) wrote in little_details,
Becca Stareyes

Western Hemisphere Crops and Domesticated Animals


I'm starting a fantasy story and I'm thinking of, instead of assuming the civilization has the native plants of Europe/the Middle East, that they started with the native plants of the Americas and the native lanyts of Europe/Asia grow elsewhere in the world. This gives me anumber of issues:

1. I'm a little fuzzy on which plants started where. For example, I know corn and potatos are American, wheat and oats are European/Middle Eastern and rice is East Asian.BUt, I don't know, where, say coffee came from. So a lsit of common foodstuffs and thier origin would be helpful.

2. Domesticated animals. I know the horse went extinct in the Americas a while before people could ahev domesticated it. So, what replaced it -- I know the Incas had llamas and alpacas, but I don't know what they could be used for (well, wool and pakc animals, I know, I suppose). And any other thoughts on possible substitutions for domesticated animals -- I asusme at leats some animals have subspecies everywhere (dogs/wolves, cats, fowl..)

Even speculation is welcome.
Tags: ~agriculture
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