lady looks like a dude (sodzilla) wrote in little_details,
lady looks like a dude

More on illness - brain tumors?! What?

I need a disease that could be diagnosed early (the character is an otherwise healthy 22-year-old man), that is incurable or practically so, and that would progress quickly enough that the said guy would be looking at only a few years before he was debilitated by the symptoms. At the same time, it can't be too quick because for story purposes he needs at least a year, preferably a bit more, between the time the illness is diagnosed and any serious symptoms setting in.

Oh, and if the symptoms could include tremor, muscle weakness/slow response time, double vision, or anything else likely to seriously fuck up a professional athlete's life, that would be yummy.

The thought I had was some sort of glial cell tumor, in the motor centers of the brain. Is that plausible at all?
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses to order, ~medicine: illnesses: cancers

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