elanorsmith (elanorsmith) wrote in little_details,

Blood transfusion

Hi all,
I am writing a story which needs a little detail answering! A male character needs a blood transfusion. They are stranded on a primitive planet but luckily not so primitive! They have found some rubber tubing and needles. My question is how does one perform the transfusion?
I mean do you stick needles in both the donor and recipient, string a bit of rubber tubing between and hope for the best? If so, how does the blood know to go from the female into the male character and not the other way? or does gravity just do that? As long as the male recipient is lower than the female donor, gravity will flow the blood into the male?
OR do I need to have the female bleed into a jar and then said jar be held up and that drips blood into the male?
Any help would be great.
Tags: ~medicine: transplants/transfusions

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