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College decisions

Okay, so I'm a Brit writing a novel concerning an American 18 year old boy and his peers (which consist of both girls and boys, if that needs to be known).

My problem is concerning colleges and such.

About when in the final year (I assume it's the final year in which American high-school students choose their colleges) do students begin deciding what colleges they'll be going to? Exactly how much will making decisions about the future/college dominate their lives, both in and outside of school? When do students have to make a final decision about their lives after highschool? What are the options if a student decides not to go to college? What sort of pressure would they receive from family, teachers etc in both cases (whether they decide to go to college or not)?

In short, I'm at a complete loss as to college decisions and whatnot, so any and every bit of information, personal experience and whatever else offered would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and if the information is needed, in the group of peers there is about four of them, and most probably, only the one will decide to go to college, but I'm not completely solid on whether or not that will be the case or not.

I apologise for the complete generalisation of this topic, but like I said, I know just about nothing concering the general of it, let alone the specific. :\

Thanks for anything in advance.

[Edit] Okay... thanks to everyone so far, I've got a small jist of things... but apparently a little more detail into characters is needed, so yeah...

The characters in question are generally party animals - out every weekend with a bottle in one hand and a cigarette in the other... that kinda thing. Character W comes from a considerably rich family (but due to the fact that he resents his family's wealth, was very reluctant to go to a private school like his parents insisted he did, and so, didn't), Character X from a fairly poor family (enough money to get by quite humbly, but nothing for the pleasures like vacations and whatnot else), and Characters Y and Z are between average and quite well off. All are of average intelligence (maybe slightly lower than, using evidence from their, what would be called, 'wild and careless' antics outside of school), though very apathetic about education (as in they only go to school because they have to).

Urm... I hope that's enough. If there's anymore detail that needs to be given, I will quite willingly give it. [/Edit]
Tags: usa: education: higher education
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