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Convenience store roof access

This is sort of an odd question but I’m looking for enough information to make it sound plausible in the story.

I have a character (male, 20-something, athletic type) who is on the roof of a convenience store. Now I’m going to get him up there using a dumpster/truck/stack of boxes and an access ladder (is there a technical term for the metal ladders on the side of a roof?) and I want him to get into the building using a roof vent.

I’ve heard this is possible but my problem is I really don’t know HOW to make that work. Would he have to take apart the heating/cooling unit on the roof? Would he have to crawl through ducts of some sort? Or would he basically just fall through the ceiling?

This would be set in the United States if it affects anything and due to setting noise and/or cops will not be a problem but he needs to stay on the roof for safety reasons. Also, if there are any other options (door on roof?) please feel free to suggest them.
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