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Rape routines

I know there was a question roughly about this (where I got the little I can remember about it from), but I've just spent at least an hour and a half looking and I cannot for the life of me find it. If you can either answer, or just link me to it if you happen to know where it is, I would be very grateful.

Now, a character of mine has been kidnapped by his pseudo-ex (they never had a formal relationship, and what they did have lasted only a weekend), who is quite peeved that this adorable boy ran off and defied him the first time, and finally found him again.

His ex has two slaves (in the BDSM sense), one of which gets incredibly jealous over the manipulative sweetness the ex is displaying for a good while before he loses his temper with the boy. The other one is less comfortable with the situation, and feels guilty after the boy is whipped and raped, so she lets him go (and possibly also calls the police to basically come pick him up).

Boy's mostly just pissed off about the whole deal, and in a lot of pain from a set of broken knuckles (old injury) having ended up between an oversized fox's jaws because he was being less than respectful. Other than that, there's a neat set of bite marks on the back of his neck, and whatever marks he would've gotten from a flogging, plus some minor stuff. There's no question, matching dental records to the bite marks and so on, that the ex did it.

So, what's the routine, if he gets picked up by the police or walks into the hospital? He'll quite indifferently state he's been raped either case. Will the policeman run him to the hospital and take the questioning later, or will they hear him briefly and then take him?
Also, whatever tests might be relevant, how would the doctor go about getting photographic evidence of the damage (again, he doesn't give a shit, really, but it can be presumed they've had SOME sensitivity training), would it be neccesary with another round of surgery on his poor knuckles, and how would that be prioritized, so on?

Also... Where would the photographs be taken to be developed? This becomes relevant later in the story as it turns out someone in the darkroom isn't quite trustworthy... What could that person expect if the hospital finds out exactly who sold these pictures (and if possible sneaked a peek at medical records to verify what the pictures were of) to a semi-sensational local magazine (only in the city in question and by subscription to a scarce few outside the city, but the city is a state capital).

(EDIT: Found something to answer the more basic questions here, linking so other people can use it, but I'd still like to know about prioritizing, things not mentioned on that page, and if there'd be any modifications to it if 12+ hours have passed since it happened.)

I ask too many stupid questions.

Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), ~sexual abuse & assault
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