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:O I officially love the mod of this community! Heh... you'd hardly believe it was only two days old...

Anyways, straight to the point... or rather, the points - I have three questions (I think O.o;), and yup, I've finally found the place to ask them ^^

However, the very first thing I'm going to say is that I'm very long-winded and unable to say what I mean without saying it twice, and for that, I apologise and will repent with an lj-cut :D

Firstly, the process of stomach pumping. I have a character in my story that overdoses on ten (maybe fifteen) of some kind of pharmaceutical drug and half a large bottle of Jack Daniels, inducing a coma and also the need of a stomach-pumping. If there's anyone here that can name a drug that causes these effects when taken like this and/or describe the process of stomach washing, I'd be truly grateful.

Secondly, how long would you say that it would take one to realise that they are gay and/or become comfortable with that fact? Eh... to make my question a little clearer, I'll describe this part of my story in detail and leave it to you to decide whether it's believeable or not:

Okay, so my character (18, male) is going around quite apathetically, screwing every girl that throws herself at him (though always regretting it afterwards); though not out of his own desire, but rather, because it's what he thinks that normal eighteen year olds do. Then, bada-bing-bada-boom! insert new guy at school here, and everything changes in aforementioned character's life (and in a very short amount of time too - a matter of days, I believe). Suddenly, everything's sliding into place etc... but then he begins to struggle deciding between what he finds comfortable and what he doesn't regret, and what is deemed normal by soceity and what everyone expects of him.

Yeah, so what I'm asking is if it is possible for one certain person or event to trigger another person's realisation to their homosexuality, even if the latter person has never consciously looked at another member of their own sex like that before?

*scratches head* Um... yeah... some help on this topic would be appreciated muchly.

And one final thing... though it's a pretty touchy topic - that of rape.

I've heard a lot of times about how rape victims lose all care for any sexual situations, but I have no doubt that there is other after-effects that sexual abuse can cause, and it's that that I'm wondering - does anyone have a page or any information on the after-affects of rape?

That's about it I think (for now, at least)... and sorry for the long post :\

Thanks :)
Tags: ~booze, ~sexual abuse & assault
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