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Turn of the century locomotive parts

Okay, I give up. I googled and wikied and the only things that looked like they might be able to give me the answer were images too freakin' small to read the text.

So on a locomotive, a passenger car on a turn-of-the-century era train, what's the parts of the wheels that make the infamous clackity-clack sound? I'm assuming it's the bar between them, but is that called anything in particular? And if it's something else, what is it? I think what I'm looking for is "brake beam", but I'm not sure. ANSWERED! Thank you!

(And for a bonus - does anyone know what the sound would be like from inside of such a car, either from personal experience or from background noise in movies? I'm deaf, so that makes it a little hard for me to figure out the answer directly.)

Damn fussy characters. -_-
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