shari (sharikins) wrote in little_details,

lost children

Hello everyone! This is a wonderful resource and I've been fascinated by what I've seen going on so far.

Here is my question: In one particular section in my novel, a young woman's inattentiveness leads her to lose her four-year-old child (the child runs out of the house and they don't notice until ten or fifteen minutes later). What is the exact police procedure that would follow? Calling 911? Would one or several police come? Would the police drive around looking for the child with the mother? The narrator of the story is the mother's sister, and I'd like to have her stay at home during all this -- would another officer stay with her? Any and all specific details would be greatly appreciated. I've looked on "What To Do If Your Child Goes Missing" websites, etc, but they're pretty broad in scope -- generally addressing the process of flyering, etc. (And the child makes it home safely by the end of the night, just so everyone knows!)
Tags: ~missing persons

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