lady looks like a dude (sodzilla) wrote in little_details,
lady looks like a dude

Broken wrist

Google tells me the minimum time in plaster for a cleanly broken wrist (that is, radius broken near the hand) is 6 weeks. After that a couple of months' training is going to be needed to get the muscles back up to strength again. Trouble is, my character's going to have to throw a football sooner than that - possibly he'll remove the cast early to do so, certainly he won't have time for much rehab.

My questions are:

- Is there any way to lessen/avoid muscle atrophy while the wrist is in a cast? Assume that the character can get access to all but the most outrageously expensive treatments, and that he's not excessively concerned about whether this will aggravate the injury or increase his recovery time, so long as he can Throw That Ball.

- After being immobile for that long, would he lose accuracy as well as muscle tone?
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: broken bones

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