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New York neighborhood characteristics

Maybe someone local can help me with something that's probably generic knowledge over there... I'm in Europe and I can only find statistics online.

I'm hoping to find a New York neighborhood that some 20 years ago was very bad (run down, crack houses, gang trouble) but has improved somewhat since - as a whole or partially.

In this story someone from Japan (now living in New Jersey) goes on a shopping trip to NY city and plans to stop by a small specialist camera shop in (neighborhood). Her boyfriend freaks out because he lived there (in very bad conditions) for the first few years of his life and in his memory/perception it's a dark pit of hell where she really shouldn't venture.

It would be okay if the camera shop is on a side of the area that was better than the rest of it. She doesn't specify a street or anything, so if she says '' and means 'on the edge of it' and he flies of the handle because he concludes 'place, in the middle of the hellfire' then that would work.

Any help? Thanks in advance.

[edit: thanks everybody! You're such a wonderfull source for information that 'everybody knows' but the net doesn't. I'm going to go with Lower East Side - Alphabet City, because it has to still be a kind of run-down place. The boyfriend is not wrong that she's taking a risk (being small, tourist-looking and carrying some very expensive camera equipment) but it's no longer the place it's in his head. ]
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