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Loa/Orisha names in Vodun/Santeria

To preface this, I should say I'm writing a cyberpunk novel, and trying to name (almost codename, after a fashion) a character.

Who, exactly, is the wife of Papa Legba? I've searched, but I've gotten conflicting reports. Some of my sources say it's Aziyan, some say Erzulie (with Agwe and Ogoun, replacing Damballa), one even says Maman Brigitte. Are any of these right, some of them, none of them?

If Eshu has a wife, that would also work.

ETA: Papa Legba Atibon is the specific aspect of Legba I'm talking about. Also, it bears repeating that I'm not using any actual Vodun or themes thereof (past the fact that Legba's a gatekeeper of sorts) in my work.
Tags: ~religion: african diasporic

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