fydyan (fydyan) wrote in little_details,

learning evolution in UK

At what age would a child in the UK learn about evolution in school? I'm not talking about the specifics, but about the general overview of the concepts (eg humans are animals, we evolved from other animals, etc). If it matters, this is a child from a middle-class neighborhood in a suburban area, going to a state school (what Americans call a public school). The story is set in the present day. My question is specifically about England, but it would help to know if it's similar for Ireland and Scotland as well.

Also, here in the U.S. we have some fundamentalists protesting about teaching evolution in the schools, or at least doing so without some kind of disclaimer. I haven't seem anything to indicate that this is also true for the U.K. Please let me know if this is in fact an issue for U.K. schools.

Tags: uk: education

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