Girl Next Door (averagefry) wrote in little_details,
Girl Next Door

Daily Life in Berkshire, England

Specifically, I'm looking for information about the daily life around the town of Compton-Beauchamp, which is located just a little NE of the White Horse hill, in Berkshire. I'm writing a novel set in 1885 or thereabouts, and I can't seem to find anything on the town except for a few pictures of its church, and perhaps some large houses as tourist attractions. One thing I do know is that a large section of Berkshire was chipped off sometime in the 20th Century and added onto...Oxfordshire, maybe? In any case, my Berkshire is larger than the modern Berkshire.

Can anyone give me a clue about where to find some good daily facts, such as the weather, any town traditions, well-known families, perhaps names of neighboring farms...details about the accent, etc?

Thanks so much!
Tags: uk (misc)

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