Loz (rumil_minyatur) wrote in little_details,

Head injuries caused by glass bottles

I've Googled this quite a bit, and can't find hardly anything that relates to what I'm looking for, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a woman in her early twenties who is attacked by another woman, for various reasons. What I'm wondering is, how much damage could an ordinary glass bottle do if smashed against her head? Cuts and bruises, sure, but could it do enough damage to fracture her skull? Could it cause fairly instant concussion or dizziness? I don't want her concussed to the stage where she forgets who she is or what's happening, but probably to the stage where any sudden movement would cause dizziness, instability and possibly momentary loss of sight. She's supposed to be a pretty competent kick boxer, but needs to be injured enough so that she is unable to properly defend herself. Would a glass bottle be enough to cause this? If not, is there anything fairly ordinary, so something that could be got hold of pretty easily, perhaps a household item that could be carried easily, that could cause that sort of damage through a blow to the head.

Thanks for any info or ideas.
Tags: ~glass, ~medicine: injuries: head injuries

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