ShadowWing (shadwing) wrote in little_details,

St Louis Zoo Herpetarium?

Okay folks I'm bloody stumped here. I have a character whose deathly afraid of snakes and I was planning to use the St Louis Zoo Herpetarium as a setting for a story. I've physically been to the building before, it's a beautiful 1920's style building that has been massively renovated to house all the reptiles and of course they have an extensive snake collection, however when I was last there a few years ago I lost whatever material I had (exhibit maps, photos ect) so I try to look online and while the official site lists the Herpetarium and what animals they have in the building...they don't have an actuall map of the building.

That's what I need a layout (even a rough one) of the building itself, I've had no luck with Google and Wiki, so are there any natives of St Louis MO who HAVE a map of the Herpetarium (scan it mail it I don't care), or know where one exists online?

Thank you!
Tags: usa: missouri

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