Kilerkki (kilerkki) wrote in little_details,

Broken Nose and its results?

I'm writing a story where my character has an extremely well-developed sense of smell--beyond the humanly possible--and relies on scent more heavily than on any of his other senses. So of course, when he gets in a fight with his Arch Nemesis, she breaks his nose.

I've never broken my nose before, nor been at the scene of such an accident. So my questions are these:

What are the immediate and long-term effects of a broken nose caused by a sharp blow to the face? Can a person set a broken nose himself, or must he have professional help? (My character is a medic; if such a thing is possible, he'd know how to do so; what would he do?) Most importantly, what would the results be for his (superpowered) sense of smell? Would he be able to smell anything, just to smell blood, or not to smell anything at all?

Thanks for your help!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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