Yoiko (psychocreampuff) wrote in little_details,

Magical Hat Weaving

First post here. I finally got the guts to join up after some lurking, and after Google began proving extremely unhelpful.

A character of mine wants to give her mercenary partner a gift for his birthday and has decided on a new hat for him. He wears a "basket" hat-- the kind Asian farmers wore out in the fields to keep the sun off, typically woven from bamboo or maybe straw. So her plan is to get him a new one, only one more "battle-ready", and not tattered.

So my few questions on this: About how long would it take her to weave it herself assuming she's never done it before, but has instruction and has at least a shred of talent for it, and is there any other material than bamboo she could weave it out of to make it stronger? For the last bit, I'm trying think of a way to have an uber bamboo hat without magical enchantments, but magic is more than common in the world, so I can fall back on that if nothing better comes up. I'd just rather not.
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