Epigone (likethesun2) wrote in little_details,

Ingestible poisons detectable only by tox screen?

I'm writing a sort of murder-mystery story in which a victim is discovered, several days after death, with no outward signs of foul play. The autopsy also fails to yield anything that would conclusively identify the death as unnatural--that is, anything found could also be explained by something like a heart attack--so that the police have to wait for a tox screen. (This deferral is necessary for the timeline of the story.) What I need to know is: are there any kinds of fast-acting, ingestible poisons or toxins (e.g., that could be dissolved in a drink) that wouldn't show up clearly in an autopsy, but that would be identifiable with a tox screen?
Tags: ~forensics: corpses, ~medicine: poisoning

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