Wallwalker (wallwalker) wrote in little_details,

Some time ago, I remember reading a legend. I don't remember any of the specifics, just the gist of it. I'd like to know where I came up with it.

This is very vague, so I can understand if no one can help... anyway, the story was about a man who had committed a horrible crime. The higher powers of the story - can't even remember who they were - chose to punish him by sending him down to the land of the dead and chaining him there, to judge the souls of those who had died. He was chained there for eons, never weeping, acting as the overseer of the world of the dead and slowly turning into something inhuman.

Is this a real legend, or was it twisted around for a fantasy book or something? If there is a real legend similar to it, I'd love to learn more about it, and possibly use it in a story - I just want to get it right and not use the legend in an appropriate setting or something.

Thanks much. ^_^
Tags: ~folklore (misc)
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