ikona_rakasha (ikona_rakasha) wrote in little_details,

Pearl oysters

to make a long story (10,000 words and counting) short, i need info on perals, after hours spent reading digests on industry fluxation and what not my questions are not answerd. to i present them to you, knowing that eveyone here is much smater than wikki

a few small questions.

1: can pearl oysters and eating oysters be grown side by side?

2: when cultured perals are produced, is the seed pearl placed by hand into the narce or is it sat on top? do they cut the mother of pearl with a knife or is there a special tool?

3: i need a river in australia where oysters are grown. perferably near where pearl oysters are grown too.

google is not my friend
Tags: australia (misc), ~agriculture, ~animals (misc)

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