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Late-Famine Ireland

Google is no help. I'm writing a historical fiction piece and I'd love for it to be as historically accurate as possible. So,with that, I have a few questions.

1. Would a merchant have been able to survive in his profession at that time? Were Catholics allowed to own business'? If not, what were some of the more common place allowed professions for Catholics?

2. Was embrodiery an expensive venture? Was is practiced often to liven up every day clothing?

3. What were the more common liquors in that time period?

4. What was the literacy level(ratio) back then for catholics?(I expected something for this, I got nothing!)
Thank you all very much. Sorry if you find anything too easily. I'm such a dunder-head sometimes.
Tags: 1840-1849, ireland: history, ~booze, ~religion: christianity: catholicism

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