Jan (lil_banik_slave) wrote in little_details,

Bug Behaviour, Entomology,

I tried typing "Entomology substitute", "Bug subtitute" and "Bees substitute" into Google, however truth is I can't even begin to think how I would Google or Wiki this without reading through every article in existence. I wondered if anyone could help me narrow down my research a little so I can use Google Fu more successfully.

I want one of my characters to explain how the protagonist is pretending not to be interested in something when in fact the reason she is avoiding it is fear. Sort of a Fox and the Grapes thing. As this character is an entomologist I thought it would be cool if she made a sort of sub text allusion to the bug/animal kingdom while giving the protagonist her pep talk. Unfortunately I myself don't know of any bug or animal (Grape deprived fox not withstanding) that exibits useful behaviour for her to describe. Anyone know of what I could google?

Thank you ^_^
Tags: ~animals (misc), ~science: biology (misc)

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