egarim (egarim) wrote in little_details,

Spirit guides and guardians

For a story I'm working on I need information on different cultures' mythological or folklore-ish spirit guides, guardian angels, supernatural guardians and similar.
I've poked about wikipedia and google some, but I find it difficult to find anything useful, since I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for.

So far I've checked up totems, which isn't really right, since I want people, not animals. I also considered the ushabti statues/guardians of Ancient Egypt, but still not quite right.
Basically I'm out to find something that will fit my idea of a powerful being/spirit/ghost that can be summoned (and possibly bound) to protect and aid a person in life as well as afterlife.

I was hoping, since the members here represent a fair share of the world's different cultures, that you great guys could at least give me some leads on things to check up?
Would be very much appreciated!
Tags: ~religion & mythology (misc)

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