Arin Wolfe (arinwolfe) wrote in little_details,
Arin Wolfe

Norns and Aztec gods

i've wikkied , I've used (incidentally, if anyone is looking for basic info on mythology that’s a great website, it's not always perfect, but its a good "cliff notes" version of a lot of things), I’ve looked in my oxford companion to world mythology and in a book on Norse myths

Can any one point me toward information regarding the Norns, specifically Verdandi. I know she was the demi-goddess of being/ the present/stillness but i cant get much more on her.


Does anyone have any information on Tezcatlipoca? i can find a decent amount about his rival Quetzalcotal, but I cant find as much about Tezcatlipoca.
Tags: ~religion: native american, ~religion: scandinavian

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