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Medical Education (Eastern) Europe, 1905-1920.

I have a set of five scientists/doctors who need educating. I'm looking from about 1905 to WW1. They're located in Syria/Turkey/Armenia (Urfa and Van specifically) originally, but I know they have to get out of there by 1914 (probably to Russia.) I strongly suspect they're all going to have to be in Russia earlier...

Three of my scientists/doctors need training anywhere in the area. The other two are female, and I'm guessing they'd have already been in Russia for their medical education.

My problem is this: I cannot find lists of medical schools or hospitals that were big enough/important enough to be teaching, in this region during this time period. I need places for my renegade scientists to become scientists! Names/cities/anything.

Alternately, if I can't find them at all in this region, I'd like the names of German schools fitting the same criteria.

In both cases, places that accepted women are greatly needed - I can only find British schools, and a mention but not a name of a French one.

Thank you!
Tags: 1900-1909, 1910-1919, russia: history, ~medicine: medical education

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