piperki (piperki) wrote in little_details,

dying from melanoma

I've got a character who needs (for fictional purposes) to die painfully, preferably of cancer. I can find various cancers, treatments and eventual deaths online, but I'm wondering about melanoma...she's young (under 40) and fair-skinned. How long would someone have to ignore melanoma before it metastasized? Assuming it was found, is the normal treatment radiation, chemo, or some combination? Once those fail, how long is she sick and how much does she suffer?

The actual dying will probably not be described in detail but I need to know all of this before I can write, in case I need to draw upon it.

And, quick intro: I'm piperki, I'm a writer, I'm a swell copy editor, and I'm pretty good at small Midwestern US towns, Chicago, and regional language differences.
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses: cancers

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